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Changes to your gambling limits

Following the new regulation passed by the Swedish government to allow for more responsible gambling, InterCasino shall be setting temporary gambling limits for all our Swedish players.

These limits, which come into effect on the 2nd July 2020, shall be applicable until the 1st January 2021, and will be targeting the following gambling areas:
A Welcome Deal limit of 100 SEK

Our Welcome Deal payout shall be capped at a maximum of 100 SEK. If you haven’t checked out our Welcome Offer, you can do so by clicking here.
A 5000 SEK weekly deposit limit

Deposit limits must not exceed 5000 SEK per week. If your weekly deposit limit is set to a higher amount than 5000 SEK per week, you shall be requested to select an amount of up to 5000 SEK per week on your next login. Players will also be requested to set a monthly limit up to 22000 SEK. These limits also apply to any other account you hold with any of our brands licenced by Dumarca Gaming Limited.

A new login limit

On your next login at InterCasino, you will be requested to set a daily, weekly and monthly login limit. This means that the next time you log into your InterCasino account, you will need to specify a limit to the time you’ll be spending at InterCasino per day, week and month. If you hold accounts with any of our sister casinos licensed by Dumarca Gaming Ltd, your new, stipulated login limits will also apply to these accounts.

If you opt to shorten your login time, this new change will apply immediately. If on the other hand, you opt to extend your login time, this change will come into effect at the start of the following month, but no earlier than 72 hours after the change request.
Should you have any queries, our Customer Support team are always ready to help. Click here to get in contact.
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